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Humor 101: Comedy In A Galaxy Far Far Away

So the story goes on the final installation of the Star Wars trilogy. It is opening on 19th May across the globe. I am huge fan of the saga and have seen all the series. I know of some guys who watched the last Star Wars movie (“Attack of the Clones”) 7 times and still can’t get enough of the action and mind-boggling special effects. Who can blame them? The movie affected me in many small ways in the last 20 years (the other was the Matrix).

The reviews on the “Revenge of the Sith” has been positive one. Some even went far to say that it was this was the best of the six.

I was looking at David Letterman’s top ten lists the other day and there were top ten signs that you have watched the Star Wars movies too much.

My favorite ones are:-

10. Your poodles are named “C,” “3,” “P” and “O”

9. You won’t sleep with your wife unless she says, “Help me, Obi Wan, you’re my only hope”

7. You’re continually stunned when the President makes major decisions without consulting Mark Hamill

6. Your favorite pickup line: “Would you like to handle my light saber?”

5. You keep referring to your lawn mower as “that crazy droid”

4. You spend most of your days trying to use “the Force” to open a can of pears

2. Your sex life is strictly “Han Solo,” if you know what I mean

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