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Enforcement 101: To Queue Jumpers and Road Hoggers

Please do mankind a favor. Please don’t drive. Perhaps in your selfishness, you may not realise this…that you are causing unnecessary and aggravated stress. Not to mention an increase in the traffic jam which in turns causing wastage of fuel and time.

I drive to work and I would leave early to beat the jam. It will be smooth sailing until I reach the Sunway Toll Plaza. There will be about 40 cars in a queue and the queue jumpers would use the exit from the nearby petrol station to cut queue and create a bottleneck at the toll plaza. This causes the queue (of the 40 cars) to move even slower and eventually comes to a standstill. It is sometimes made worse by certain drivers (makcik in kancil is a good example) who then to stop to allow the queue jumpers to cut in. Now these people are more arrogant; they don’t even put a signal to cut in but rather just move as if their way is the right way.

I was tempted to do the same (jumping queue) but my friend advised me not to. He said two wrongs would not make one right. Besides, almost every driver (of the 40 cars) would be cursing these queue jumpers. So, do I want to be cursed early in the morning by more than 40 people? I don’t think I want such….so I was back to the proper queue.

I have not gotten many problems with road hoggers unless I am on the highway. I had cars driven less than 70 km/h on the fast lane (legal limit is 110 km/h). At this point, I would normally high-beam these drivers so that they would move over to the left lane by the time I reach them. Normally, it works except for couple of incidents where the driver refused to move despite I high beam and horn them. And when I try to overtake them from the left, they would quickly cut to the left to block me. So it happened twice. Once with an old man driving and another was a young lady.

There are 2 other things I wish Malaysian drivers would do:-

  1. Turning on their lights when they driving around in the basement parking. There are few near calls in the office basement parking. It is difficult to differentiate a moving car and a parked car in the dark / poorly lighted basement.
  2. Turning on the indicators when they want to change lane or turn to a junction. Some drivers are of the opinion that other drivers can read their mind and so, will be ready when they change lane. Unfortunately we are not mind readers because if we are, we would be the richest and powerful people around. Fortunately for myself, I always exercise defensive driving which means I anticipate sudden lane changing

I know that it is a long shot on the wishes since I know it will never happen. Nonetheless, it is a hopeful wish anyway. Driving is fun and safe but with these kind of drivers around, driving can be at times stressfully and dangerous.

Then again, 40 people’s curse may work wonders…maybe not now but in future

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