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Driving Skills 101: Slow Driving Kills Too

turtle slow driving

Some people drive way too slow during peak hours as if they are driving on their personal track and totally ignorant of others. Image source: New York Speeding Fines

Imagine this scenario…

You are driving on the highway and using the fast lane as you are overtaking slower vehicles. The traffic on the other 2 lanes was not heavy. You come to a bridge and as you climbing up the bridge, you increase your speed to compensate. Just when you are at the top, a small lorry pulls out from the middle lane into your fast lane.

Even worse, you realised that that lorry is moving at a very slow pace (at about 60 km/h whilst you are reached 110 km/h. You try to move back to the middle lane to avoid hitting the lorry but you realised that there is a car on your left, blocking your way. What do you do?

Often it is said that “speeds kills” but I had my share of experience with morons on the road who are just too slow for the traffic. Most of the time, I had no choice but to slam on the brakes and move to the next lane if it is free.

Once done, I would blast horns (twin BMW Hella horn) at the offenders whilst overtaking them. There are other morons who slow down and drive very slow just because of they on the damn bloody handphone. But most of the time, I just wished I could mow these morons down and help to make the road a safer place to be.

Although I wish, I have not done it, partly of consequences but mainly due to my “I will get them next time” feeling.

Most of us don’t realise that both extremes of speeding are not good…you cannot be too fast or too slow. The ideal speed has always been to follow the traffic flow. If you don’t, you are asking for trouble. It’s just plain dangerous to drive too slowly in the high-speed lane. When drivers drive too slow in the high-speed lane many dangerous situations can occur.

First, it creates a long line of frustrated drivers behind the slow car. Most wait patiently in hopes the slow guy pulls over, but others will begin to tailgate. While this in itself is illegal and dangerous, frustration builds, transforming law-abiding citizens into road rage. Second, drivers who are frustrated can also endanger other road users. Believe me. I am one of them.

If you fit the profile of a slow driver in the high-speed lane:-

  • Please pull over and drive in the lanes to the far left
  • Keep your eye on your speedometer compared to that of the legal minimums and maximums.
  • If you prefer driving slower, then be aware that driving laws state that slower traffic must remain to the left. Not only will it keep you safer; it will keep drivers around you safe as well.

Remember, driving slow kills too…

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