Do I really look stupid to you or what?

Got this in my gmail yesterday (it’s quite long email, so, please bear with me)….


TEL:+27-83 360 4199


With due respect, trust and humility, I use this medium to write this letter to you irrespective of the fact that you do not know me, but please do consider this letter as a request from a family in dare need of assistance.Let

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A few good men

Some people can write well…I mean they can write really, really well. They can stir up our emotions. They can reach deep down into our conscience. At times, they can make us think critically and act positively.

One such person is Brendan Pereira who wrote an excellent article in the NST last week.

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Tamil Serials (God save us!)

Image hosted by

(The “intense” moments from serial Metti Oli. Image source: Sun TV)

It was funny yet quite a realistic scenario in most of the Indian homes…”Man breaks TV to get wife’s attention”

Despite of having my mom, my sister and my wife as loyal Tamil serial viewers, thankfully for me, we have not reached such critical stage (yet).

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Overseas Assignment 2005: Top 5 Reasons for Ghana, West Africa


Malaysia and Ghana (in West Africa) gained their independence from the British in the same year, 1957 but Malaysia have somehow leaped Ghana in development by almost 20 years since then. Image source: Financial Times

I was in Ghana last year for almost 5 months and for those who might be traveling there, there are top 5 reasons why it is difficult for Malaysian to stay in Ghana, West Africa

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Like to spend time watching….this

How I wish I can come back home and relax with my wife & son watching this….

Image hosted by
* Taken with my digital camera during one of my trips to Port Dickson where my wife and I spent our time watching the sun go down. Felt so romantic and relaxing

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Cooking Class Made Simple

Yesterday my wife decided to cook a simple dish for dinner – fried Rice vermicelli or better known as fried mee hoon (also known as mee boon in some part of the country). It is part of my “weight-reducing” strategy.

So, for the newbie who wanted to cook one but not sure how to do, let me share the know-how.

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Another attempt to lose weight (comments)

Thanks you guys…the Blogger comment page is freaking out again. All previous comments went missing when installed Haloscan (sorry!)

I have not touched nasi lemak for the last few days. The “force” is strong with me for now (ha ha). I know ultimately I need to do it (I mean exercise) for the final push to reduce weight.… [Click to read the rest] “Another attempt to lose weight (comments)”

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Another attempt to lose weight

That’s right, inspired by Din…I am trying another attempt to lose weight. I was a bit heroic last month when I managed to reduce 5 kg within 1 week but temptation is just too strong for me to continue

This is also the time when my wife’s cooking got better and I enjoyed eating more of her dishes.

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What the bloody hell he is talking about?

Yes, it is an old story by now….

From the Parliament Hansard dated 21st June 2006

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri [Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul
Ya, duduk, duduk, duduk, duduk, racist, ini Ipoh Barat racist, duduk, duduk. Duduk, perkauman, perkauman, perkauman, ini perkauman, duduk, cukup….
Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz: Perkauman, perkauman, perkauman, saya punya meja.

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Is Proton still cheating you?

If you felt cheated on the price and quality of Proton cars, I don’t blame you. It is a fact that Proton sells cars at an exorbitant price in a government protected sector. It is a fact that you can buy better (and cheaper) cars if Proton was not protected.It

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