Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Despite my bad start of the day, I did not have the heart to cancel one of activities for the day…watching Star Wars Episode III. So, there we were at IOI Mall at 2.30 pm to catch the final of the saga. As expected, there were plenty of seats as it was a working day. What a movie it was. In short…Simply Superb! Just as I expected, plenty of eye-popping special effects and the final move to be the Darth Vader

There was a lot of bad review on the story over the internet but after seeing the movie, the reviews were simply craps. The story made sense and was believable. One thing I agree though…”Anakin” was not convincing enough to be so quickly changed into the dark side. It was as if George Lucas rushed on the matter. Luckily there was less “romantic – romantic moments” and whatever there was, it was kept to the minimum.

It was good to see Chewbacca back in the action and Yoda…yes, the cool one he was. The Chancellor Palpatine was a frightening one and we can feel the evil in him in the cinema. Lord Grievous’ fight with Obi Wan Kenobi with 4 light sabers was an unforgetful moment.

Luckily the cinema’s digital sound system was up to the mark and added the aura on the movie. I will be seeing it again as it is simply not enough.

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