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Personal 101: Broken Specs & Bad Luck

What a way to start the day!

I was on leave today and I thought of dropping my mom at her work place (nearby kiddies care centre). I took my spectacles and wanted to leave it on the table. I am not sure whether I was sleepy or misjudged the distance, I accidentally dropped my spectacles. The last I heard was a crashing sound and glass breaking. I knew that the worst had happened and I knew that my plans for today are out of the windows. I was screwed.

First thing first, I and my wife looked for my old spectacles to minimize the impact. I kept praying I have not thrown it away. It was an old fashioned spec with thick lenses and a very big frames. Luckily my wife had stowed it away safely. The next was to look for a spectacle shop to order my new spectacles. A shop that can deliver it before Monday (a tall order indeed). Unfortunately it was too early in the morning and the shops were closed. So, I had no choice but to use the old specs during my son’s birthday celebrations at my mom’s work place, a trip to the Post office and the trip to the JPJ to renew my road-tax.

I managed to finish all that by 11.30 am and we went to the shop which a walking distances from my house. The bad news was I need to fork out RM470 for a new (titanium) frame and high index lenses. The good news was (there was two)…the shop can deliver my specs (high index, multi-coated) on Sunday before lunch and my sight power have improved slightly. My lenses power went down by 25.

It was inconvenient but managed to solve the problem quickly before I start work on Monday. I just hope it will not cause a 7-years bad luck.

* The old monster at the top (I could not believe I was so unfashionable just 6 years ago) whilst my broken specs at the bottom. It lost its right “eyes”.

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