Big Problems Along The Highway

Something on the lighter side…

Problem: If you see a tire rolling across the highway
Big Problem: The tire is actually from your car!

Problem: If you see a bus driver driving way over the speed limit whilst talking on his handphone and having his lunch all at the same time
Big Problem: If you are one of the passengers in the bus

Problem: If you see a speed demon right behind a slower moving car
Big Problem: If you are the driver of the slower moving car

Problem: If at the R&R, you have nothing to eat except for a suspicious looking nasi goreng but you eat it anyway as you are very hungry
Big Problem: If your suspicious turned out to be correct, the nasi goreng has actually turned stale and your stomach kicks into “overdrive”

Problem: If a very beautiful girl hitchhiked your car but she is not alone. She is with her boyfriend
Big Problem: If the boyfriend is actually the highway serial killer which the police been looking for

Problem: If your car air-cond develops a problem and you have no choice but to unwind your windows
Big Problem: If a garbage truck laden with the “pick of the day” just overtook your car

Problem: If there is an accident on the other side of the road
Big Problem: If there is an accident on the this side of the road caused by motorist slowing down to see the accident on the other side of the road

Problem: If you have a stomach upset but the next R&R is 50 kilometers away
Big Problem: If you managed to reach the R&R “in time” and after relieving yourself, realise that there is no running water or toilet paper

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