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London Bombing Barbaric and Coward Act…but is it?

Don’t mind that this is just another blog about the latest act of terrorism in London

However sadly, the focus is tuned on the “act” itself rather than the cause of the act. Didn’t Londoners knew that when UK decided to join “Sheriff Bush” in his quest in the Middle East, they going to be affected? Looking at my feed today, I noted plenty of blogs crying and condemning the terrorist to hell for example this.

Some are asking Malaysians to pray for the victims. Others are telling how lucky Malaysians are compare to the Londoners.

I agree but how many are looking at the broader picture? Why London is targeted? Why was not Paris or Sydney? I am NOT a lover of Al-Qaeda struggles or motives but look, we are all affected in one way or another by their actions and reactions.

The way I see it, they are fighting due to:-

1. Israel occupation (same old story)
2. US actions in Iraq & Afghanistan (same old story)

Despite of the problems, the winning hand seems to be and still the US (high defense budget, new source of oil and puppet governments in place of the old one, etc). Iraq is still a pain in the neck to US due to “miscalculations” by President Bush and the Iraqis are worse off compared to Saddam Hussein days (forget the fact that the US is milking their oil in the background whilst putting the reconstruction cost [damage done by them] back to the Iraqis).

Afghanistan seems lost in the picture nowadays except for one or two occasions when Osama makes headline. Israel is still king in Jerusalem and Palestine are still “buried alive” (forget about the “dramas” of how Israel is “assisting” the Palestine people, you know it is a bullshit)

Solve that and London bombing would indeed be a barbaric and coward act

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