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Children’s playground

There was a time when children playground used to be the “meeting” area for my childhood friends. It was also the place where I broke my brother’s arm when I decided to give a “strong” push on his swing (the first of his many injuries).

After that, we were banned from going to the playground by my parents. When the “ban” was lifted, we actually had lost interest on playing in the playground. Most of the time “playing” was spent in the house or friend’s house.

Last week, I went to my neighborhood playground as my son already bored playing in the house. Seeing him having fun with the swing brings back old memories. The good old days when our biggest concern was how high we can swing (and “landing” back safely).

My son loved the swing so much that he actually spent 1 hour playing. We actually had to forcefully pull him off the swing when it was time to go back.

So, how’s your experience with the children playground?

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