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Makeup for men

I went to Tesco last week and my wife stopped to buy facial cream. I was glancing through the products and surprisingly there are more grooming products for men now compared to 10 years ago.

How things have changed. I still remember of the time when I was still riding motorbike to work, I actually had 2 types of facial wash (one is a backup lor) in my bag. Just imagine of the sweat, oil and dirt on the face after riding through the KL traffic jam in a motorbike. In fact, if I am riding behind the “Metrobus”, I would actually have a layer of carbon on my face. So, facial wash a quite essential for me (considering I was still single then).

There was a time when I had to attend a seminar in one of the hotel in KL. As usual, I was washing my face before the start of the seminar. Suddenly an old lady cleaner entered the gent’s room (without warning) and after looking at my face full of foam, she remarked with a smile “sekarang lelaki pun nak make-up, make-up”. I just replied with a grin “Biasalah kak”

As a young executive back then, having a facial wash early morning would get rid of the dirt from my face, giving the confidence look for the whole day. A bit of perfume (or cologne what we guys call it) makes it easier on me to get office work done with my lady subordinates or lady bosses. So, doing grooming in the morning (and sometimes after lunch) actually helped in my career as it portrays a good image of me

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* My grooming stuff. These days, men, not only have to look good, they also need to smell good (even though you may just be an office boy)
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