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My List of (loosely) Diversified Malaysian Blogging


Kucing Gatal (picture shown NOT accurate and based on shoddy eye-witness account – just joking) brought up an important topic on how Malaysian bloggers are obsessed about two things: themselves and food. Picture source:
That was her general observation from PPS. She asked why there are so few different blogs and why can we not focus on something besides ourselves and food? She may have a good point there.

So, I thought I might as well do my “own” research to see how well diversified Malaysian blogs from my feed reader and see whether Malaysian bloggers was indeed obsessed about themselves and food

I am sorry if I have wrongly categorised any of the blogs below (I know I have) or missed out any specialized blogs – please be free to add on :-
8. Education

9. Parenting

10. Travel

11. Malaysian Lifestyle

12. Personal Thoughts

13. Sports / Outdoor Activities

14. Games

15. Interesting Stuff (games, videos, etc)

16. DIY

17. Misc (aka “Rojak” – diversification within the same blog)
and many more….

The above list is certainly NOT exhaustive (I am still adding more everyday) but it is seems diversified for now (another read of the above blogs indicates that generally most are talking about personal thoughts, food, IT and misc).

Perhaps, PPS could come out with a more refined blog categories for easy reference.
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