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Haze – The “Real” cause of it

Everyone knows that the source of the haze – it is from opening burning and Indonesia is the biggest culprit of all. It is not a secret. Everyone knows. But do you want to know the real cause of haze? Poor farmer in Indonesia? Nah, you are wrong!

This is what I think is the real cause. It is sabotage by Indonesians (likely including the Indonesian Government) against Malaysia (and Singapore). Simple and plain. They were clearly upset when we drove out a large number of illegal immigrants from the country. They were also upset with losing Sipadan & Ligitan to Malaysia after ICJ found for Malaysia and now Malaysia claiming another island. So, when Indonesia farmers commit open burning (possibly intentionally), the Indonesian Government decided to close one eye because they have nothing to lose. It is a sort of punishment to Malaysia. Then why else they will allow such an environmental disaster to go on for such a long time and on regular basis.

If your neighbour son was committing open burning which causes the smoke to be blown to your house and causes your children to be in poor health for weeks, you will obviously confront your neighbour. Can you imagine how you will react if your neighbour just says sorry but continue to allow his son to do burning? You will be furious right? You may even decided to beat up your neighbour and his son to stop such inconsiderate act.

Guess what Malaysia Government decided to do? They decided to “chicken” out on the matter (there are already some chickens in the Cabinet – hint: AP issue). They decided that the rights of foreign tourist and to a large extend, Indonesian are more important than the health of Malaysians who voted them into Government.

They made it worse! The DPM came out with a rather insulting statement when he said the Government has no plans to release the API reading. He said “We will monitor the situation and give general advice to the people”. The fuck he will. It’s like saying to your children who are falling sick (due to the smoke) that nothing is wrong. Daddy knows better.

The truth is Malaysians are not stupid to disregard the haze which is “choking” us. Why refuse to release the API reading? Afraid of having negative impact on the tourism industry? Look out the window, Najib! Which tourists in their right mind want to spend the holidays in a blanket of “man-made” smoke? If you are thinking that those tourist will have the same mentality as you are, then I hope God have mercy on you!

I can see the same fiasco happening when a certain “smart” Minister also refused the AP listing but later was forced to back down. Reading on Wong Sulong’s comments today reflects much of Malaysian’s thoughts on the issue. It is making me furious.

My conclusion: Threaten Indonesians that Malaysia will react strongly on issue by economic sanctions (and really act on it if Indonesians ignores the threat) and see whether the Indonesia Government will indeed enforce their so-call environment laws. Malaysia having nothing to lose except the relationship of an inconsiderate neighbour.

(Picture source: email from my sister. The picture taken from her office in Klang)

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