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Easy to buy confidential info? Look at the hassle here

In TheStar today: For as low as RM200, salesmen, property agents, insurance agents and telemarketers can obtain your confidential particulars from master lists of clients held by companies.
The culprits selling the master lists include staff of developers’ office, banks, car distributors and telecommunication companies. Such lists are highly sought by agents of companies dealing in real estate, credit cards, holiday time-sharing, insurance and anti-car theft gadgets.

This reminds of a conversation that I had with girl who was promoting a holiday package:-

Me: Hellooooo….(“feel good” voice)
Girl: Good Morning, Mr B*****, I am Anita calling from H******
Me: Good morning Anita (My voice immediately changed to a “fake husky voice” – Anita, anita…name sounds very familiar…is it my ex-colleague, ex-school-mate or my ex?)
Girl: I am calling you in regards to our exclusive holiday package ….and you have been selected to…
Me: (Damn…another telemarketing ploy, no wonder the voice sounded so sweet, manja-manja)
Me: Err…I think you got the wrong number (ya right! Then how she got my name right?)
Girl: This is 012-3******? And you are Mr B***** s/o K****?
Me: Yes (with a weaken voice) How did you get my number?
Girl: We was referred to by one of your friends (but do not mention the name)
Me: (It must be one of my office mates without double checking with the Girl)

After hearing about this GREAT holiday package for 10 minutes (no choice and wanted to be fair to this girl with sweet, manja-manja voice)…

Me: I am sorry but I will be in overseas during the promotion time. So, thanks for calling
Girl: It’s ok sir, you can transfer it to any of family members or we can change the date for you
Me: Ok the truth is, I am already signed off for another holiday package so I don’t need one. Thanks for calling
Girl: No lah sir, our holiday package is different. You see, we have (goes into another 5 minutes of explanation)
Me: It’s ok. Your colleague already called me last week but I already made it clear that I am not interested (ok, this one I tipu because no one called me). So once again, thanks for calling
Girl: My colleague? Cannot be lah sir because this promotion only started today (Damn! I am caught)
Me: (Now I am desperate – do not want to switch off the phone to the girl with the sweet manja-manja voice) Ok Anita, maybe I look into it…send me the brochure
Girl: But sir, this offer is only valid over the phone confirmation
Me: (Look at my watch…damn I wasted 20 minutes talking to this girl). Anita, really sorry about it but I need to go to the toilet, having a stomachache. Don’t call me later because maybe I am on MC
Girl: (After a long silence and in a sad voice)…ok, sir, thanks

To tell you the truth, I felt guilty. I waited for her to call me again the next day…she did not. Maybe she had found another “customer” to talk to.

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