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“Pak Turuts” reacts to Pak Lah’s act

It is sad that it needed the Prime Minister to tell the Ministers what to do in the current haze problem. He was giving the hint when he said “they don’t need to ask me. There should be a trigger mechanism so that once the index goes beyond 500; automatically they should declare an emergency for affected areas,”When the PM acts, I had expected the Ministers to be “suddenly active” in doing their job.

Here are some of the Pak Turuts…I expect to see many more will be coming in the next few days:-

Commodities Minister Datuk Peter Chin – the bosses of the Malaysian-owned plantation firms implicated would be hauled up and given a “piece of our mind”

Comment: mind you that this is not first time that Malaysian companies been implicated in the haze problem but only now, the Government want to act. Even then, they only want to give a “piece of their mind” – hmmm, I am “frightened” already. While you are at it, why don’t you give “your piece of mind” over a lunch or a game of golf (since Malaysia want to do via the softly – softly approach)

Deputy Information Minister Datuk Donald Lim Chiang Sai – RTM will broadcast over TV1 information on the Air Pollutant Index (API) readings in areas hit by haze with immediate effect

Comment: On the same day when PM asked for the release of the API reading, a number of newspapers carried the API reading on the internet. RTM was doing err…what again? Does giving the right information during tsunami rings any bell? Or you need the PM have a press conference to say “tak payah tunggu saya…“?

Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek – A committee has been set up to coordinate manpower and medical supplies in areas affected by the haze

Comment: I believe that the haze problem started some weeks ago and surely we had expected that the most important ministry to be ready from day 1 (or day 3 for Malaysia’s case) but alas, the Minister is telling that only now they want to setup a committee? Can’t the local hospitals coordinate themselves? I guess by the committee goes into action, the haze would have cleared on it’s own (then I am sure that someone “smart” will say that it was due to “efficiency” of the committee)

Look at the above. You don’t need Pak Lah to declare emergency to get the basic acts in place (at least he was sincere enough to ask Malaysians to pray for a better weather unlike some of the Ministers). As Ministers and Deputy Ministers, do you really need a day or two to make critical decisions? Watch the news for the next few days (assuming the haze is still bad), you going to see few more “Pak Turuts” in action.

P.s. Jeff Ooi has an another angle at our politicians and official is dealing with the closure of schools correctly titled Haze & the 3 Stooges (I think the real stooges could have done a better job)

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