Is Parliament turning into a Zoo?


An interesting read at Lim Kit Siang’s blog titled “92% Parliament majority turns ugly…”. Well, it is not the first time I am hearing about it or have shaken my head on the hooligans that we have elected to the Parliament. This led me to think on the reasons why majority is showing their ugly side:-


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Poll: Why Indian community in Malaysia not doing well?

I am doing this poll on behalf of someone who is preparing an analysis paper on the Indian community. Fire away with your votes. Voting ends on next Monday.

What is the main reason why Indian community in Malaysia not doing well?
Lack of education opportunities
Lack of unity among the community
Lack business skills and opportunities
Too much negative influence from media
Lack of motivation and focus
Lack of support from Government / political parties
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Sleeping problems? – Hypnotise yourself to sleep

I did not know that there is a “The Better Sleep Foundation” and “National Sleep Foundation” until I “googled” it up in the net. Gosh!

When I was doing my law degree whilst working full time, sleep was a luxury. Studying until 2.00 am and then waking up for work at 6.00 am, meant I only slept for 4 hours everyday for 6 days a week.… [Click to read the rest] “Sleeping problems? – Hypnotise yourself to sleep”

“Electrocuted” at the elbow

It was 6.15 am and I was half asleep when my wife woke me up this morning

As I forced myself to take cold shower, my mind was going through the activities for today. I was more or less was very awake after the shower. A quick enthusiasm kicked in as I was drying myself (with a towel) in the bathroom.… [Click to read the rest] ““Electrocuted” at the elbow”

Reunions – when to go for one?

Last week, I was invited to an office reunion lunch.

My ex-big boss from my ex company was leaving the company and he thought it will be best to meet the “old” gang before he leaves. So, when I got the invitation, I immediately said yes. It will be good to see old office mates – not seen them for 2 – 3 years now.… [Click to read the rest] “Reunions – when to go for one?”

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Weekend out for Barbeque

It has been a while (years I think) since me and my cousins did this…have an outdoor barbeque session. So, a group of us got together and decided to have one for old time sake. Each of us had responsibility for the day and not surprisingly the task of buying beverages fell on me.… [Click to read the rest] “Weekend out for Barbeque”

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Lessons learned from Mumbai’s Dabbawallas

Who are Dabbawallas and what they do?

Around 5,000 dabbawallas (or also known as tiffin-carriers) work every day through a system of multiple relay to deliver more than 175,000 tiffin boxes for lunch in the city of Mumbai, India in an exercise that begins at 9 am and ends at 5 pm.
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Disasters and Malaysia’s readiness

The question begging to be answered is whether we are going to be professional enough to act when a disaster (natural or man-made) strikes.

That thought came into my mind when I was watching Mega cities: Mexico City over National Geography Channel in Astro.

Considering Mexico City is the world’s biggest city but at ground zero – on one side: one of the world’s most earthquake-prone hotspots, on the other: one of the world’s most active volcanoes and beneath their feet – a shaky foundation of landfill.[Click to read the rest] “Disasters and Malaysia’s readiness”

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Smelly Feet and Air-Conditioned Room

(Picture by John Shelley – source:

We have gone through this at some point in our working life. Imagine this…

“You are doing work in your office, concentrating on a complicated formula on the screen and suddenly…there was a bad smell on the air.

You look up (to the air condition vent) and down (to your shoes, just to make sure you did not step on anything suspicious),


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RM100 isn’t much today

An interesting topic in The Star today and I must agree there that RM100 is indeed not much today but is it?

Now let’s see that again based on my daily expenses

A) When I was studying Law part time and working full time (almost 10 years ago)

Transportation: RM2.00 bus fare to and fro my house to KL (then I walk from the bus station to my work place, almost 5 kilometers away and walk again to the college – no wonder I was slim and very healthy then)

Food total: RM3.50 based on RM1.00 (“nasi lemak biasa” or 3 kari-puffs, either one for almost everyday!

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