Poll: Why Indian community in Malaysia not doing well? 0 (0)

I am doing this poll on behalf of someone who is preparing an analysis paper on the Indian community. Fire away with your votes. Voting ends on next Monday. 
What is the main reason why Indian community in Malaysia not doing well?
Lack of education opportunities
Lack of unity among the community
Lack business skills and opportunities
Too much negative influence from media
Lack of motivation and focus
Lack of support from Government / political parties
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Disasters and Malaysia’s readiness 0 (0)

The question begging to be answered is whether we are going to be professional enough to act when a disaster (natural or man-made) strikes.

That thought came into my mind when I was watching Mega cities: Mexico City over National Geography Channel in Astro.

Considering Mexico City is the world’s biggest city but at ground zero – on one side: one of the world’s most earthquake-prone hotspots, on the other: one of the world’s most active volcanoes and beneath their feet – a shaky foundation of landfill.Click to read the rest

Smelly Feet and Air-Conditioned Room 0 (0)

(Picture by John Shelley – source: www.jshelley.com/books/king.html)

We have gone through this at some point in our working life. Imagine this…

“You are doing work in your office, concentrating on a complicated formula on the screen and suddenly…there was a bad smell on the air.

You look up (to the air condition vent) and down (to your shoes, just to make sure you did not step on anything suspicious),


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