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Playing Hide and Seek


Hide and Seek. That’s the main game for my son these days…he will hide himself and show himself, smiling when we shout out “Where is Danesh?”

As we are worried that he may hide himself and injure himself, we have managed to reduce his “hiding” places. However he still gets creative. There was once we were in the room and I was busied myself with my computer (as usual). A couple of seconds later (yes, seconds, not minutes), my wife asked me where is Danesh. I turned around and…my son simply vanished. Me and my wife got scared and started to look high and low for him. It was then my wife saw a pair of small feet popping out from the window curtains (which is long till the floor). He was there and he was standing still…waiting for the “magic” word. So, we said “where is Danesh” and immediately, he steps out with a big smile on his face. We all laughed and at the same time relieved.

Nowadays, my wife and I have to keep a constant watch on him otherwise he will do his disappearance act again.

Picture: When we in Taiping, my son found a small gap behind the cabinet and hid (with my wife quietly watching him). My wife called me and whispered to me where my son was hiding (I swear that I could not see him and would not have believed if my wife did not tell me). So, I told the “magic” word and alas, he came out, smiling at us.

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