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I almost murdered someone last Sunday night!

It was about 9.45 pm and I was traveling along LDP towards my grandma’s house in Serdang. In the car were my wife and my son. As usual, we were jovial and chit-chatting whilst listening to cool music when I noticed in my side mirror: 2 motorcyclists on the fast lane, weaving in and out of the fast lane and the middle lane as if the highway belonged to them.

The cars on the fast lane were flashing at these 2 motorcyclists and some overtook the bikes using the left lanes.The worse thing I saw was one of the bikes was ridden very fast maybe more than 100 km/h – I was already cruising on 90 km/h. Thinking that it might be police bikes (who else are bold enough to do that act), I slowed down my car. As the bikes overtook my car, I watched in horror of 2 kapcai bikes with very young boys riding with another young boy and girl riding as a pillion.

My horror turned into anger when I saw that none of the idiots were wearing helmet, the plate numbers blacken out (to avoid detection) and they continued to weave in and out dangerously of the traffic in front of me (one of them almost grazed my car when overtaking but I regret of not knocking him down, I really am). They were in fact racing with each other! Cars have to literally slam on their brakes to avoid hitting them.

I did not know what got into me…I was fuming mad then. Maybe because I felt that my family was endangered by these idiots or maybe they were posing great danger to other motorist. All I know was that I dropped to 4th gear and speed up to ram the bikes! Yes, me…law abiding person, speeding my car with a clear intent to ram into the bikes and injuring the riders. At that time, if one of them had died then, I would probably have been very happy. One reckless idiot less on the road

However, it did not happen. 3 things stopped me from doing the equally insane act:-

1. There was a slower moving car in front on me

2. My wife was pleading with me to calm down and let idiots go and die under someone else’s car

3. The idiots turned to one of the housing projects nearby

Maybe God intervened somehow by having a slower car in front of me; otherwise I would have chased them into the housing area. All I was able to do was to curse them, really curse them. My wife was of course quiet because she was angry too of the riders.

When we coming back, I remarked to my wife that I hoped that I see an accident anytime now with one or both motorbike pinned down under 18 wheel trailer. I would have gone down and clapped my hands in happiness but sadly it did not happen (yet)

I was still angry of the incident but I know that if the idiots continued of what they are doing, it is just a matter of time before they die or seriously injured because not every time, you are going to have a slower moving car in front of you or someone in the car pleading you to keep calm.

I mean I could have gotten away with even murder. Consider this:-

1. The motorcyclists were riding dangerously (10 – 15 angry drivers can confirmed this)
2. None of them wore a helmet and very likely did not have a license to ride the bike
3. The plate numbers were blacken out with the clear intend of racing and avoid detection
4. I was on legal speed and an “accidental” touch from my car bumper would have been “unforeseen”

It would be been a real case of “mati katak”. Until that happens, I would be on the look-out for those idiots – just hope that they won’t live long to cause serious injuries to other law-abiding drivers.

(Picture source: Some animals can ride bikes better than some idiot humans!)

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1 thought on “I almost murdered someone last Sunday night!”

  1. u shud’ve tried driving in Sg Petani on Friday and Saturday nites…. You’d be wanting to lay spikes on the road by yourself….

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