Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary.It has been 2 great years since I wed my lovely wife. This year anniversary will be even better because our son will join in for the celebrations. My meeting with my wife started almost 7 years ago. Yes, it was arranged but soon we started to exchange letters, phone calls and sneaking out to catch a movie or two. Over 5 years, our love blossomed and we were ready both mentally and financially to get married and live together as real partners.

Married life has been great!

So, to lovely wife, although I am not a great at poem, I found one just to describe the occasion (poem written by Nicholas Gordon):-

You’ve been with me two sweet and awesome years

Of course we’ve had our minor wars

Yet none our hearts could move

Each time we think: What if else?

A wind goes through our souls

Rippling through our golden sheets,
Swift through dark, still coves

Happy Wedding Anniversary

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary

  1. plz plz plzzzzzzzzz rite in da tamil language it wuld b grateful 4 us 2 read it!!!!!!!!! gosh its sooooo pathetic wid tamil ppl tryna rite in english even us british-born n french-born culd rite in tamil so u betta!!!!!


  2. Writing in Tamil Language – that is going to be tough for I was never learned to write in one. Let me see whether I can get a translator tools in but all post will be in English as the readers of this blog are not necessarily read & write Tamil.

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