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Reunions – when to go for one?

Last week, I was invited to an office reunion lunch.

My ex-big boss from my ex company was leaving the company and he thought it will be best to meet the “old” gang before he leaves. So, when I got the invitation, I immediately said yes. It will be good to see old office mates – not seen them for 2 – 3 years now.

The lunch was at a Chinese restaurant and I decided to bring along my wife and my son. We wanted to go for shopping after lunch. We were there, 15 minutes before start and I met my old office colleague, Wan Faisal who was outside enjoying his “teh-tarik”. We were chit-chatting when one by one, the reminding of the ex-office mates arrived.

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The reunion lunch – half way through. There was 2 tables and I was not at the same table with my ex-bosses. Maybe I just wanted to enjoy the lunch and chit-chat with my ex-colleagues.

When we were enjoying our lunch, I noted some of my ex-colleagues who left earlier than me did not turn up for the lunch. One I heard was having her exams today, the rest had prior appointments. It was sad that I could not meet them but I thoughts maybe they have a good reason not to show up.

Not implying anything to anyone and reflecting on myself, I would have turn up or turn down the reunion invitation based my circumstances that I am in at that moment.

To go for reunion if

1. I am earning higher than what I used to earn
2. My family life is great and this is a chance to show it to my ex-colleagues
3. I have just bought a new car or house
4. I have traveled overseas and going to travel soon in my current job
5. I look great (even with a big tummy)
6. Life seems more depressing in my ex-company

Avoid going for reunion if

1. I am in a worse situation than what I was in my ex-company
2. The only reason I left the ex-company is due to a big fight with my ex-boss
3. I have done something terribly wrong in my ex-company
4. The reunion lunch cost is too expensive
5. My back-stabbing ex-colleagues are attending too

You have other reasons to go or not to go for reunions but at end of the day, it boils down to the question whether you left the company because “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence” or not.

For me, fortunately, the grass is “indeed” greener on the other side of the fence.

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