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Weekend out for Barbeque

It has been a while (years I think) since me and my cousins did this…have an outdoor barbeque session. So, a group of us got together and decided to have one for old time sake. Each of us had responsibility for the day and not surprisingly the task of buying beverages fell on me.

11.00 am

My cousins went to the hypermarket and spent RM90.00 for slices of mutton, chunks of chicken, sausages and things to marinate the meat (I saw red wine somewhere in the list – no sure where the guys got the “recipe”). We were not sure of the right way of barbequing the mutton because we did not try doing it before. Nonetheless, we decided to test one anyway.

12.30 pm

At my cousin’s house, the operation to “mix and marinate” the meat started. We had separate “containers” for each chicken and mutton. Marinating was “signed-off” with a mix of honey. The container was closed and the meat was left soaking in the “juices”. No pictures here but it looked gross and colorful. Whilst we were busy in the kitchen, the rest of us get ready the utensils and the barbeque set. We washed it to ensure that it hygienically cleaned – no one wants to have food poisoning the next day.

1.30 pm – 5.30 pm

Nothing much to do except watching TV and playing computer games. Played “Rally Championship” with my cousins, I was “driving” a Subaru WRC against my cousin’s Mitsubishi Evo. Somehow I keep losing (hmmm…need more practice)

6.30 pm

We were back in the hypermarket…this time, buying our drinks for the night. Bought 3 6-pack beers (it was on promotion) and 1 6-pack Jolly Shandy for the ladies at home. We were going to the counter when my cousin had a “brilliant” idea. We decided to go back the “beverage” section, took an extra 3 cans of beers and finished it in the parking lot (we were thirsty mah)

7.45 pm

Setup the barbeque area (very “amateur-ly” done). One cousin started the fire whilst the rest busy dumping the beer cans into a bucket of ice. My cousin looked funny because he had his white shirt off (and had on his shoulder) and sitting in front of the fire. From far, it looked like an Indian priest sitting down in front of the fire for prayer.

We joked about it and my cousin found a solution for that. He held a can of beer in his hand whilst fiddling with the fire and said “I don’t think people will mistaken me for a priest now” which made us to laugh even louder. 5 minutes sitting down in front of the fire got us all sweating. Immediately every one of us reached down for a can of beer to keep us cool.

8.15 pm

Barbeque officially started! The chicken and the mutton were great. Everyone of us turn to be the chef ala “Anthony Bourdain” style. So imagine the different “burned colors” of chicken and mutton turn out to be in the hands of multiple chefs. We chit-chatted whilst drinking on cool beer. In between, one of my cousins cooked sausage with eggs and butter. It tasted great with black pepper sauce and beer.

1.00 am

Barbeque ended. We cleaned up the place (this was the hard part since the ladies did not get involved and our “cleaning skills” were so rusty) and finished the last beer. Continued talking for another 30 minutes before calling it a day (or night, whatever)

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