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Sorry…I have been infected with a fever!

Before anyone presses the panic button, let me assure you that I am not down with any dengue fever. I have been hit with a “Bing & Bong” fever. They are the characters from children serial “Tiny Planets”.

The symptoms (finger automatically pressing on channel 63 at about 9.54 pm and humming Tiny Planets theme song when I am taking shower) started last 2 weeks when I watching my son’s favorite kiddies shows when I realized he was almost silent, concentrating almost 101% on the show that was on the TV…”Tiny Planets”

The scenario is pretty simple:-

1. Bing and Bong would wake up from their “bed – sofa”

2. They will brush their teeth and have their breakfast without leaving their sofa

3. Once done, they will fly off to distant planet for their adventure (using a big catapult) – often helping out the planets residents out of minor problems.

4. When time is up, they will return home in their sofa (they just cut the line attached to the planet surface and the machine at their home plane pull them back)

5. The show closes off with Bing and Bong going off to sleep

Yes, it sounds simple and yet, I am mesmerized with the colors, the uncertainty of their little adventures, the music is great. The computer animation is simply great.

Nowadays, you can count on me and my son to be sitting sharp at 9.54 pm, patiently waiting for Bing and Bong to make their grand appearance on screen.

Go over to their website for more details (Picture source from same website).

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