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You want to be smarter? You want to try what I am “trying” now?

This is how a neuron connects to another neuron and passes the information to be processed. You would have learned this in your Biology class. Isn’t it just amazing what the human body can do?

Our brain contains millions of cells called neurons involved in the transmission and processing of information. For details of grey matter, please refer here and here.

You understand now on the grey matter thing? No? Hmmm…this proves that you definitely need grey matters. Anyway, as we get older (average age is 61.6), the nerve cells dies off one by one and the result can be severe – some may get Parkinson disease or does not have the ability to make correct decisions when they are old (we know this as being senile)

As such, in order to avoid such incidents when I am older and also to ensure I stay sharp as ever, I am doing the following to ensure my brain is making enough grey matters:-

1. Learn something new

Experts say that learning a new trick or new language helps to make additional connections in the brain. In other words, learning is accompanied by an increase in the efficiency of communication between neurons. I learned to write and speak Mandarin couple years ago but lacking the need to use it, causing me in end to “forget” to speak and write the language.

Nowadays, I have embarked on learning new technology – Java and Html programming.

2. Playing strategic games

The main game I play these days is chess (either with my wife or with the computer). I also play other “strategic” computer games such as the “Legion” where time is also spend on building towns and resources and strategic placement of the armies. I regarded the strategic computer games to be similar to one playing games instead of moving the chess pieces, I am moving armies and resources.

Last year I was hooked on the “FA Football Management” like games. The point is play more “thinking” game rather than “action” game (hmm…to think back, perhaps I have wasted my time playing “Diablo 2” – killing all the evil creatures)

3. Write short story or novels

Definitely is not a problem for fellow bloggers. I used to write “cerpens” (cerita pendek) for writing contest during my school days but once I started my studies in college, I had little time for such activities. But it was not all loss because in college I had to come up with assignments which meant I had to write 3 – 4 pages on what is the law and its application. The best subject was Jurisprudence – because what we needed to argue on “what is law” instead on “what is the law”. It forces us to think. These days, I just blog on my ideas and thoughts. That itself is considered as a “cerpen” although I am finding it increasingly difficult to blog with the little time I have these days.

4. Listening to music

I always have been fascinated by music since I was still small. It is just too unbelievable on how musicians can create new tunes every year. Well, I may not be a musician but the ability to appreciate a good song or music can be the first steps I need to improving my grey matters. A sort humming of music during my shower is a good start. Singing it aloud whenever I am stuck in the jam is a great way to release tense although I must admit it attracted curious looks from the other drivers. My pick of music at anytime is great songs from the 80’s – both in Tamil and English.

5. Say “Tak Nak” to smoking

Ok, I have never smoked but have inhaled a lot as a secondary smoker during my days in the bank. Luckily my new working area is virtually a non-smoking area and there are fewer smokers too. For those who smoke, read here on how smoking reduces the grey matter.

At end of the day, I may not turn out to be Albert Einstein (or the evil professor in Frankenstein) but at least, I hope that I keep my mind sharp and witty at any given time.

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4 thoughts on “You want to be smarter? You want to try what I am “trying” now?”

  1. How kind, thank you!!! Yes, hand eye co-ordination builds a better sense of rhythm and the fact that dancing utilises both the left side and the right side of the body in equal proportions and sometimes simultaneously, both sides of the brains develop. And by dancing means, properly taught ones…

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