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Those who cannot park properly are bastards!


Definition: BASTARD (n.) – 1. A child born out of wedlock 2 Something that is of irregular, inferior, or dubious origin.

My friend and I decided to go a dinner late last night and we drove to one of our favorite Mamak restaurant in Puchong. When we reached there, we had a hard time looking for a parking spot. We went several rounds and finally saw 2 parking spots. When we drove nearer, a lady driver drove in and parked crossing across 2 parking spots!

I started cursing of the driver and was about confront the driver when we found another parking spot couple of cars away. Even so, I am still angry and was telling my friend that if I see the driver again, I am going to give her a piece of my mind on how to park properly.

While I was angry, cursing and getting all hyped-up, I noticed that my friend kept his cool and was rather concentrating on the dinner itself. I asked him why he is not angry of the moron who could not park the car properly. He said he was angry but he has a way to dealt with the idiots who could not park properly.

This is his way of dealing with morons who could not park:-

"My friend gathers that those could not park a piece of metal into an area which is larger than the size of the metal itself as inferior humans (ok, he is trying to be polite here). Inferior humans are also those who don’t take their time to do a simple reverse and re-park the metal into the area. Inferior humans are also those who are selfish in denying others of the parking spots. So, he concludes inferior humans to be bastards. So, when he thinks those who cannot park properly are bastards, he feels justice has been served. There was no further reason to him to confront the driver, get all stressed out and be angry.

This thought also comes into his mind when he himself is parking the car. So, to avoid being labeled as a “bastard” himself, he takes the trouble to ensure his parking is almost flawless. Even when it meant, reversing several times to get the angle right"

After he finished explaining his little “theory”, I told him that I did not realise that I can see from that point of view. That we cannot do anything about drivers who cannot park their car properly simply because they are inferior, they are bastards. So, there is no point of getting angry and stressed about it.

After we had finished our dinner, as we were walking back towards the car, I saw the lady driver who had parked across 2 parking spots. I just smiled to myself and said “there goes a bastard”.

So, the next time I see anyone who did not park their car properly, I will tell myself that there is nothing I can do because they are just inferior – that way, I will be able to keep my cool.

* The right way of parking the car. All within the box!

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