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Cop’s story – read it to believe it

Today, The Star had a story titled “Cops foil robbery at cigarette hoarder’s house”. For those who have read the story, I am sure, will be wondering about the “sleek silvery Toyota MR2 driven by a police officer, rammed into the robbers car” (picture source: The Star).

However, I must admit that it is not everyday, you see our police chasing robbers with high performance cars. Further with a privately owned car (correct me if I am wrong)!

Of course, the story itself was interesting – Robbers robbing a wholesaler who is “robbing” the consumer by hoarding away the cigarettes. Reading on the story reveals this fascinating information:-

1. Nine robbers stormed into his house in Taman Seputeh here to cart away the cigarettes, worth some RM150,000 (it seems they were not that smart after all…either that or they were chain smokers, desperately need a quick fix)

2. The robbery was foiled by police, who acting on a tip-off, arrived a little later and arrested all of them (Perhaps one of the rare moments where the police were able to “make it” in time to capture the criminals)

3. “One of them even rammed his Proton Waja into a Toyota MR2 driven by a police officer (key words here!), forcing us to fire several shots”

Aside from the success of the police in capturing the robbers, one would be thinking that the next questions will be:-

1. Will be wholesaler be punished for the act of hoarding to make a quick buck?

2. How the police officer was able to own a Toyota MR2 Spyder?

Surprisingly, the Malay Mail later the day did not mention anything about the wholesaler hoarding or about the police officer! In fact, they portray the incident as a normal robbery and police were at their best. So, is there are cover-up here? If the whole AP issue was able to be swept under the carpet, don’t be surprise too if this is the last you are going to hear about the above

* 2005 Toyota MR2 Spyder (2005 model picture source:

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