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Christmas Meme with a twist

(I got this in my email this morning – not sure who is the cartoonist but there is truth in cartoon. Funny but real. It is early to say this but in case I forget – I often do – “Merry Christmas”)

Yvy said this about me on her blog: “BJ (Coz I’ve NEVER tagged him yet and I haven’t seen him do a meme before)”. The meme consist the following:-
a. State who tagged you
b. List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift)
c. State the gift you wish to get
d. Then invite a few friends to join the tag and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog
Sound simple enough. Well, for Christmas sake and being a Monday, here it goes:-

If I am Balajoe (wait a minute, I am Balajoe!)

a. Yvy
b. It does not matter as long as I get my gift

c. 2005 Ford Focus 1.8 (full specs) and RM3,000 cash for petrol & speeding tickets
d. Done that – if you are my friend but did not see such comments in your blog, it will be there the next time (“scout’s promise”)

If I am a Proton Iswara SE

a. My Master (who else?)
b. My Master (do I need to explain again?)

c. Monroe Racing Suspension Kit, 4 new Bridgestone Turanza tires, a new CD player and…my master’s Christmas wish does not come true (*evil smile*)

If I am Lim Kit Siang

a. A “fed up with BN crap” Voter
b. Voters

c. Having a sizeable opposition party representation in the Parliament to do a proper check & balance on the Government

If I am the victim in the Squat gate incident

a. A policeman (I feel ashamed and angry)
b. God (Can’t trust anyone else these days)

c. The policeman to do the squat, naked, in front of the Royal Commission and then thrown off from the police force (I volunteer to give my MMS handphone to record it)

If I am a BN MP

a. A “blur-blur on real issues” Voter
b. Pak Lah (that man has the final say, as usual)

c. Another 5 years to clown or monkey (I am not sure which is more fun to do) around in Parliament

And finally…not forgetting

If I am Santa Claus (oh, I look like one from the stomach point of view)

a. A pretty Santarina…err, Mrs Claus. I said Mrs Claus
b. Santa Claus? I am tired of that name. Can’t we just use DHL?
c. I can get a good night sleep on Christmas Eve (can you imagine the traffic on a holiday eve?)

Merry “a very advance” Christmas

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