Gambling – only at 4D shops?

(This is extreme case of gambling – cartoon source:

I was at my neighbourhood 4D shop yesterday – I rather call it “investing”So there I was patiently waiting in line to purchase the numbers when I overhead 2 Indonesians talking to each other. It was an interesting conversation (translated into “Manglish” for convenience sake):-

Indon 1: Isn’t gambling forbidden in Islam?

Indon 2 : Everyday also we are “gambling” lah

Indon 1 : Where got lah – this is my time coming to the 4D shop, you know?

Indon 2 : What I mean was we gamble with our life to avoid being caught for coming to Malaysia illegally

Indon 1 : Ya, true also (while looking around)As I walked back from the 4D shop, I saw some cars were speeding on the highway and thought to myself, are the drivers gambling too – gambling with their life by driving recklessly? I wonder whether they will be classified as “gambling” under the eyes of religion

So, the question is does gambling is only confined to 4D shops and casinos?

The Indonesian has a point there – when we take “un-calculated chances” in any situation, we are gambling. Some times we just lose money, other times we lose our life.

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