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Bomb Disposal – Malaysian style

Have a good look at the above picture (picture source: NST) – the subtitle states “Bomb disposal squad officers inspecting the explosive device”. There are other pictures on the front page of the NST today.

Now compare that with the following picture (picture source: Now, what is missing in the first picture? What? You don’t see the difference? Look again.

I am taking a “one eye closed wild guess” here but its looks like our Malaysian policeman is not wearing any protective suit (I “salute” them to be brave enough, not only for not wearing any protective suit but also for the fact that they can afford to look down facing the explosive device & take notes).

Based on the police exhibitions that I have been to, I know the bomb disposal unit has both the protective suits and a bomb disposal robot. I am wondering why they are not using them. What if the explosive explodes in their face? Would that been another classic case of “kita akan ambil langkah langkah berjaga di masa depan (we will take the necessary precautions in the future)”?

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