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The “Review” of the Review of BJ Thoughts

(BJ Thoughts under “scrutiny” by the Blog Critic – giving the independant view of my blog)
I always wanted an independent review of my blog (ok, not always but recently) and a recent review by the Blog Critic was just the answer.

A rating of 6 out 10 is a good start (ok, at least it was over and above the average) and it will great to work on getting a better rating in future (did I just wrote that? I hope it will not turn out to be one of the unfulfilled tasks for the year). There were couples of things highlighted in the review and it was an eye-opener for me. Some are as follows:-

1. Below that is a profile of the Blogger and even an FAQ about him – that’s pretty funny! Not the content but the fact that an FAQ even exists.

I guess I am one of the rare ones who do a FAQ for blogging – rare enough for Blog Critic to say that it is “pretty funny” – anyway I think everyone should have one especially if we are using for our blog. The Blogger profile in is simply not enough to elaborate our, sometimes weird, blogging habits.

2. The right column is way too long, extending beyond the posts themselves. In fact there seems to be only one post on the main page and that ends halfway down the page while the right column continues merrily along its way. Scroll, scroll, scroll till you get to the end and then you realise that you have to look under Past Thoughts to see the older posts, or Museum Stuff for the archives.

That I will agree – because depending on the content of my post, the right column can be longer or shorter than the post itself. I didn’t realise it at first but to think back, it is a long way to scroll especially if it is on a permalink page – the “Beckett” template that I am using and excellent Haloscan commenting does not go hand in hand (it was not meant to be in the first place anyway, so I don’t blame the designers).

3. The blog is easy to read in an 800×600 resolution, but switch to 1024×768 and the white font on black background becomes less clear and consequently, harder to read.

I may opt to change the template or tweak further the existing template but for now, I rather use the little time I have to write something. So, to avoid the above, I have placed a short note in my blog header, informing that my blog is best viewed in an 800 x 600 resolution – My hope now is people would see that note on the top.
4. Suggestion given: place more posts on the main page, perhaps change the template and check the quality of the photos that you put up – some are so dark that you really can’t make them out at all.
Well, this is a good suggestion – since I am unable to change the template, at least I change the number of post in the main page. I have changed the setting to show 3 posts on the main page – I think 3 should be more than enough for now.

As for the photos – well, any photos taken at night or early morning will definitely be dark. It is the limitation of my old camera, so there is nothing much I can do about it until and unless I bought a new & better camera

So, for those want to be assessed by the Blog Critic, head up to the site and sent the email with your blog URL to be reviewed.

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