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Gong Xi Fa Chai!


(Sometimes when we are looking forward for the festive season, there are some who faces a bleak future. Story and picture source: The Star)
I wish all my friends, colleagues and readers a very Chinese New Year. It does not matter these days whether the festive is for a particular race or not. We all celebrate the holidays one way or another. For me, CNY is a good day to recover from the bad flu that I am having, get more sleep, watching good Chinese movies on TV and playing plenty of computer games

So, what holds for me in the Year of the Dog? Well, it does not look good. I am an Oxen (ok, Water Ox to be precise) and anyone born in the Year of the Ox may not be having a good year in 2006 (I have checked in 3 different sources and the result is all the same). I got this from somewhere and let’s see that again:-

Ox’s luck in 2006

No mincing of words, take cover! You may be facing some of the most intensive enemies’ fires for the next two years.

So for those working, learn to be a bit more flexible and compromising (damn, now they tell me – but it seems like I have no choice but to force myself to stay cool. There goes my road rage attitude towards queue jumpers & road hoggers)

Some oxen have good lottery luck despite suffering at work. Can punt a bit but not excessive (Ok, at least I don’t need to cut down much on my “investment” activities)

Relative to your business and career indices, romance luck is definitely much better. You will get many suitors and you look extra wonderful at night (Sigh, don’t they know I am married already? Not sure about this “looking good at night” thing but heck, who cares)

If you are hurt at work or business, get healing and comfort from your loves ones at home (Good thing is that my wife makes this great cup of tea to calm down. Oh sorry, I mean she is a great person to be for comfort – if she doesn’t have the time, well there is always a mug of beer to wash away the sorrows & stress)

Anyway, it seems like my life will tough for the next 2 years (I may do a post-mortem of this in the CNY 2007 if things are not so bad). Until then, enjoy your very long holidays and don’t drink & drive (if you must, drive and then drink).

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