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Pak Lah – the Commissioner

In the NST yesterday, Pak Lah announced the formation of an independent body to monitor and receive complaints of police misconduct.

You know what, I was thinking of writing on how I can help Pak Lah to extend the “Commission” coverage to other areas. I was thinking about coming up with new potential Commissions like the Independent Satan & Black Metal Music Link Commission or the Independent Religion Conversion Headache SOP Commission or Independent JAWI’s “Fuck the Cabinet’s Directive” Snoop Squad Procedure Commission (in case he is going to form a new Commission, he can pick one from the list here).

Halfway through the draft, I thought to myself why bother? Don’t you think creating an Independent Commission is to take the heat away from the Government? The way I see it, Independent Commissions are part of a vicious cycle:-

1. Tragedy happens
2. The public knows the cause and whose heads need to roll
3. The public and the Opposition questions the Government why action not taken
4. The Ministers points finger at each other and exclude themselves by saying it is not under their Ministry
5. The Ministers take the easy way out by saying that it will be discussed in the Cabinet (in other words push the problem to PM and DPM)
6. The PM gets frustrated and decides to rest the case – he takes the easy way out by creating an Independent Commission
7. Until the Commission comes out with the findings, all critics are silenced since there is no point talking about it until the findings are out
8. Commission comes out with the finding and subject to the prerogative of the Government; it takes days before the public gets the details of the findings
9. Due to financial or more often political constraints, the implementation is slowed down and some are swept under the carpet
10. The public forgets or thinks that the Government has taken the necessary steps
11. Another tragedy happens and the cycle starts all over again

You get my drift?

The findings of the Commission are nothing new, so bother to appoint one in the first place. Was it to have an independent party investigating the cause of the incident? Acceptable reason but the thing is, the recommendations in end are passed back to the Government to implement. You know the rate of that. As Pak Lah mentioned, it is about 25% as at yesterday.

I guess the act of appointing Independent Commission is good but to drag on its recommendations seems self defeating (another incident or tragedy can happen in the meantime and it did – remember Squatgate?).

By the way Pak Lah, will there be an Independent Commission on Overweight Cabinet? We are interested to know the Commission’s findings.

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