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How to be cool!


My definition of being cool – Neo of Matrix (both the character & the movie)

Only once (or twice I think), I have been called as being very cool. Yes, it sounds strange to me too. It is rare to find someone who sees me as one cool guy. Rare occasion indeed! Just ask my wife and she readily will be a “state witness” on how many times I have lost my temper whilst being on road – I guess she would have lost count by now.One occasion where I was called cool was when I had to deal with my client’s big boss to explain on a system mistake done by his staff. Of course, I had to cover the said staff and when I did that, there was a wrong impression that the mistake was made by me (instead of the staff).

So, in front of couple of his staff, the big boss sort of “loudly scolded” me for the mistake and gave a short deadline to rectify the mistake. I stood in front of the boss (I was very calm), listening to every word that he said and in the end, replied with a smile that I will help out to rectify the mistake. The rest of the staff was taken back on how I reacted. I mean it was not my fault and yet, there I was, listening as if it was my fault, politely answering the boss and set out to do the work. There was no feeling of guilt or anger. Of course, one can say that the mistake was not mine and so the pressure was not there. But think again, being scolded for someone’s mistake is not a good way to start the day either.

After the session with the boss, as we came out from the room, all the staff looked at me and was impressed on how cool I was. Of course, I acted smart and told them that if I had lost my temper in there, the situation will be even worse. So, just keep quiet, let the other party lose steam and get back on the task at hand. No sweat at all.

Of course, we stayed up until the wee hours to rectify the mistake and the big boss eventually found out the truth (that I was not the one responsible for the mistake). In end, it turned out well. So, when I was at AskMen, flipping through on some of the articles, I recalled this incident when I saw one feature on how to be cool.

I glanced through some of the pointers there and it looks like that I am half way there (ya, go ahead, tell me that I am praising myself – but it is the truth ok? Alright, it is half truth). Running through the list, I am going like “Ya, that’s me right there” and “Nope, no way I am like that” but you know what? I guess I failed it at the “Don't lose your cool… ever” part.

I guess this is what boils down to being cool – “don’t lose your cool…ever”. You could be wearing the latest fashion in clothes, talk smooth and have a couple great friends (or girlfriends) to keep you company but the moment you lose the control your temper, nothing is cool about you anymore. Someone (was it Mahatma Gandhi or was it the ice-cream man?) said that walking away from a fight is being cool more than folding up your sleeves to fight – ya, it is a sound idea but the problem is I don’t practice it that often. After reading the article, perhaps I should.

Oh what the heck, go and read the article yourself.
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