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Friday Break 101: Tired And Out Of Idea!

thank god it is friday cartoon

After a week-long work, there is always a reason to celebrate and to look forward to the end of the weekend on Friday. Cartoon source: Pinterest

Got this from my MSN conversation with a colleague this morning after she has just finished talking to a customer…

Colleague says: penant
Colleague says: penant
Colleague says: penat
Colleague says: typed 3 times only get the correct wording
Colleague says: really very, very penat already

(Penat = Tired in Bahasa Malaysia)

It’s Friday and most of us are looking forward to the weekend break tomorrow. As you can see, it has been a hectic week for some of us. Yvy, as usual, posted her Fancy Friday post – a short reminder to the rest of us that it is the last day of working for the week. Thanks, Yvy – sometimes we forget the days too.

My blog posting has been slowed down a lot. Work takes priority over blogging in the office whilst family takes priority over blogging at home. In the midst of that and fighting for the remote, it is rare to find time to quickly scribble down something for the blog.

Not surprisingly, it has been tough to be able to draft a unique post for the blog – there is little time to think these days. The number can be mind-boggling at times – the number of blogs as at May 2005 (yes, I have outdated info here, so sue me!) was reported to be about 60 million. That’s about 60 million people blogging all over the world. The thought of trying to be unique is daunting too.

I could take the other easy route through – bashing the state of the politics in Malaysia, you can never go dry of ideas there. The interesting thing is that our local politicians can never seem to be dry of stupid comments and actions as well. But you know, I am getting tired of them anyway.

So, my contribution for the “Fancy Friday” is this…enjoy (if you have not seen this yet and thanks Nilesh for “introducing” Russell Peters). Loading may be slow, so let it load first before playing it:-

YouTube player

If that does not work, click here to go to google video. By the way, no offence to any Sri Lankans out there.

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