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The prelude to April Fools Joke

I know this is one day early but…Jamshed gave an early warning yesterday on the “thing” that happens on 1st April every year

Basically, for me the April Fools jokes was pretty much alive during my school days, because by the time I start to work, 1st April was just another working day. Any attempt to joke around on that day was futile because whoever tried to “funny” ended up being called “childish” or sometimes “chee-sin” (chee-sin = crazy). Ya, humor was long dead & buried at my old office and even if there was humor, people had little time for it.

In case, anyone have forgotten about the day, look up here

The best April Fools joke that I can recall is when I was in Form 3 (yes, in good old La Salle Brickfields). We had this Mathematic Teacher (I still remember her name – Ms Diana) who was very strict, made sure we paid attention in her class and hardly smile. She was good at teaching Maths though – most of us passed with flying colors on Maths.

So there was this day, when she came in with her usual long, strict face…stood in front of the class and looked around. We were standing up and were wondering whether she was going to give us an “unannounced” test. Then she said “Ok, class…today, we are not going to have Maths class”. We were shocked but still stood waiting for the “bad news”. She continued “For today and only for today, I decided that you can go out and have P.E instead” (P.E = Physical Education). Immediately the whole class “hoorayed” the announcement – of course we were happy, because Maths was 2 session for the day. Some of us started to change attire to our sports attire; some was still reeling back from the shock. One already ran to the sports storeroom to pick the ball. All this time, Ms Diana was standing smiling at the class – we thought that she had finally changed.

Only 1 or 2 of my classmates were shouting “Woi, its April Fools Joke lah” but their shouts & pleas were drowned out by the “hoorays” and “whose is going to play for which team” conversations. 2 guys already slipped from the back and were standing on the field for the rest of guys to come out.

Just when we were about to leave to the field, Ms Diana gave a good laugh and asked us what day is it. It took a couple of minutes of silence and only then, some of the guys said April Fools day – my classmates who were shouting “Woi, its April Fool Joke” earlier on had the last laugh – they did not change their attire and was comfortably sitting at their place.

There was about 10 minutes of chaos as some of us quickly changed back to our school uniform, some was “clarifying further” with Ms Diana and others convincing the 2 fellows who were on the field that it was only a joke (this was a tough one because the 2 guys were thinking that we were pulling a fast one on them). After we got hold of reality, it was back to 2 sessions of Maths again. Damn!

That is one April Fools Joke I would not forget because it was started by someone that we least expected to be funny and have a great sense of humor. It was also the time that we saw the good side of our Maths teacher. Eventually after couple of months and after we have gotten very good marks in Maths in our trials, Ms Diana did substitute 2 sessions of Maths for P.E. We were not easily fooled by then and after several assurances from her, only then we started to change for P.E.
I found one video on April Fools Joke on Google. The quality of picture is bad but based on the sound, you get an idea of what’s happening – this office April Fools Joke seems elaborate.

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