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When you are down & tired, think of SEX

I know what you are thinking about me right now.

I thought of this as I was typing a draft training guide and there I was, feeling sleeping and slowly drifting away into other thoughts. Then I recalled of a time (I think it was in 1996) when I attended a “positive change” workshop. At end of the day session, we were introduced to the word “endorphin” – at first I thought it was another species of dolphin until I found a site to explain it all.

The trainer at the workshop (one funny Indian guy, what do you expect) told us that whenever we are feeling down & tired, we need a boost of endorphin to peak us up. He said that there are several ways of getting endorphin and he started writing it down on the whiteboard. Laughing is one method. Listening to great music is another. There was a list from him and right at the bottom of the list was this: SEX.

We guys started to giggle and the ladies let out a silent “arrggghhh”. There was pin drop silence in the room and the trainer explained that our body makes endorphin when it is faced with certain situation (he was pointing to the list but by then we already imagining things).

So, when we were back to the office and was caught up with the tension of work, one of the guys reminded of us of endorphin. All the guys started to smile as we thought of the “list”. Immediately the pretty lady at our work area looked at us and said “Drop the thoughts guys”. We all laughed and guess what, the tension was gone too. We were back to work, feeling better.

These days when I am down and tense up, I think about the “list” too. It will not look good if I started to laugh on my own (otherwise it will just prove to some that I have indeed gone crazy) and office is definitely is not the place to have sex either (or is it?). Maybe can have one or two in thoughts – unless someone can read your mind too. It seems like there is not much I can do to get my daily doses of endorphin at work.

That is until now…

Internet can be a great place to find information and on the topic of endorphin, guess what? There is a simpler way to get endorphin – no need to laugh alone or have sex (sigh, alone) at the office. Just walk to any convenience store and grab a bar of……chocolate. Or get this – eat more chili pepper. That’s right and in a weird way; you can get high with endorphin with just a bar of chocolate or chili pepper. Think about it – it sounds scary man. Imagine getting high on chocolate and chili pepper. If word gets out on this, probably the clowns in Parliament will be talking about it.

Forget about chocolates or chili pepper. Doesn’t it feel great when you are feeling tense, you click to your PC desktop and see this picture “staring” back at you? Now that’s what I call as a good way to get endorphin (now let me think about the last item on list).
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