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This is unexpected…

All it takes is itchy hands and curious mind to screw up things…

The Internet Explorer 7 sounded like something I wanted to test out this morning. I downloaded it, installed, got some errors and restarted the PC several times but in the end it did not work.

So, I uninstalled it and somehow I ended up screwing my Windows XP registry as well (learning the lessons the hard way). Windows fires up alright but I am unable to open any of the applications.

My technical colleague is assisting to backup some of the outlook files before doing a fresh installation. This also means that I need to reinstall all of the other programs once this been done (sigh). Luckily I keep my important documents in another partition (thank god for my hindsight there).

This is going to be a really, really long day for me…sigh again Tag : Internet

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