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Trip Of The Year 2006: The Trip To The Cool Highlands – The Conclusion

genting highland trip 2006 breakfast

(Breakfast was organised for this trip but when we went over for our turn, there were plenty of hungry crowd at the restaurant)

Heavy drinking the night of this trip before only means one thing or rather 2 things the next morning – I am going to be very hungry when I wake up and I am going to have a slight headache.

So, when the alarm rang at 8.00 am the next morning, I did not even bother to switch the alarm off. However, somehow I knew that I need to force myself up if we want to make it for breakfast which by the way closes at 10.30 am.

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Braving a cold shower and painful headache, I managed to get ready for breakfast. I watched the small-sized TV (ya, size does matter!) whilst waiting for my wife to get ready. We walked towards the “First World Café” which was serving breakfast to the hotel guest. There is a saying that a hungry Malaysian is a nasty Malaysian.

Unfortunately, Malaysians are not alone in this category.

We were hungry and we thought that we would be early enough to beat the hungry crowd but we were wrong. By the time we reached the café, there was already a long queue outside the restaurant. The Indians were early and we even saw the Indian Uncle tucking into vegetarian food still wearing his dhoti despite it was very cold.

genting highland trip 2006

(The trip back to our chartered bus was via the cable car – mini roller coaster for a change)

Once we have passed the long queue outside, we had to contend with the long queue inside – the queue to get the food from the buffet area into our plates. There were just too many people. Once we have “fought off” the queue, we realised that there were not many choices as well at the buffet area. There was the usual nasi lemak (the sambal was welcome in such temperature), mee goreng, fried egg and cereals.

The choices were less but somehow were adequate for a reasonable breakfast.

genting highland trip 2006

(Interesting view on the trip back – it almost looked like real elephants if you saw this in a glance)

By the time we finished with breakfast, it was already 10.00 am – there was only 2 hours before we need to check out from our rooms. So, we walked around the indoor theme park and had to cancel our plans to try out the roller coaster at the outdoor theme park. The weather outside was not looking good (it looked like it was going to rain) and RM38 per person for the theme park was damn bloody expensive. We checked out from our room at 12.00 pm and instead of walking around in Genting with our 2 heavy bags, we decided to head back to the Genting Skyway Station downhill and wait for our bus.

genting highland trip 2006

(This is serious, man – saw this written in the cable car cabin – someone contemplating suicide after heavy loss at the casino?)

Another 20 minutes and we were back at the Skyway Station and we realised that we were too early to come back. A quick call to my friend indicated that the bus would only arrive at 3.00 pm. Damn – we were indeed way too early – we had about two and a half hours before the bus arrives. Luckily for us, there are rows of massage chairs located near the ticket counter – so we found a comfortable place to sit down and wait for the rest of the group (we even managed to get some massage whilst waiting but it was expensive – RM2.00 for just 5 minutes of electric massage).

genting highland trip 2006

(The trip back in heavy mist and no, that is NOT the Menara KL that you see in the far end)

By the time we reached home, it was already 5.00 pm – feeling exhausted, I took my showers and head straight to the bed. The trip to Genting was great but there was not much time to do certain activities, so we need to go for another trip soon in the future.

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