It’s great to… 0 (0)

Wake up early and see the first light rising up in the sky

Wake up early and drive in the traffic at a slow 80 kilometers per hour

Wake up early and read the newspaper whilst casually having teh tarik at the office

Wake up early and taking a short nap before starting work

Wake up early and realize that I have just won a small football bet

Way to go…Brazil!… Click to read the rest

Dinner Time 0 (0)

Probably I should reword the title as “Nostalgia Time”.

When I was young (and was still doing primary school in the 80’s), I still remember how my family used to have our dinners.

My dad was a lorry driver and work back then was tough. Coupled with asthma that he had, I am just amazed how he managed to pull the family to where we are now.… Click to read the rest

Mahathir Talk 0 (0)

More on quotable quotes I guess

It has been a while since you heard the man speaking hard cold facts right in your face and despite being 81 years old, he has not changed a bit. He is still witty, composed and knows what & how to speak. Irregardless of his past records and how some of the problems are attributed to him, it is still interesting to listen when he speaks.… Click to read the rest

Quotable Quotes 0 (0)

In a PowerPoint slide presented during one of the brainstorming session in the office, this quote from Galileo Galilei (picture source: was stated in the last slide:–

“You cannot teach a man everything; you can only help discover it within himself”

There was a brief moment of silence in the room and voices of unfairness were joked around.… Click to read the rest

It’s all in the numbers! 0 (0)

(This post is not about these “Numbers”. Poster source:

My colleague had an accident couple days ago – her “month old” car was hit from the back.

Being seasoned gamblers investors that we are, the first question that we asked her was “so, what’s your car number?” The next question that was posed was “so, what’s the other car number?… Click to read the rest

What is the right font to use? 0 (0)

(One post before the review on Fahrenheit 9/11)

Have you thought about it?

What type of font you are using for your documents now? Is it a standard prescribed font or you just whack whatever that the Microsoft Word gives you? Or you haven’t really thought about it after so many years of writing documents, letters and blogs?… Click to read the rest

Movie Trivia 0 (0)

Saving Private Ryan is still the best movie I ever seen in sound quality and realism

Movie trivia – don’t you love them? When I have seen a movie over Astro (or cinema) or expecting to see one soon, I often hop over to IMDB to read about the trivia, comments and other details.… Click to read the rest

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