The fine art of lying

In case you have misinterpreted the heading, read again – it is fine art of lying, not fine art of flying

I blame it on my previous company for “sharpening” my skills of telling lies through my teeth. My first lies was when I was in the marketing department, lying to the customers saying that the management is still considering their applications even though I knew that it has been rejected outright.… [Click to read the rest] “The fine art of lying”

Movie Review: The Exorcist: The Beginning

The room was dark and cold…I could almost feel that there is someone else in the room

I was watching a movie where a church is discovered in the middle of the desert somewhere in Africa. A church that was built before Christianity came to that part of the continent. Inside the church, archeologist find images of Lucifer and a statue of Jesus that is hanging upside down.… [Click to read the rest] “Movie Review: The Exorcist: The Beginning”

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