If only Proton had this… 0 (0)

[Things did not look too well during my trip to Taiping last week. It was pretty much “eventful” this time around – I will blog about it soon]

Anyway, I returned from Taiping yesterday – opting to return on a working day has always been a good idea, less traffic on the road and rest areas.… Click to read the rest

The fine art of lying 0 (0)

In case you have misinterpreted the heading, read again – it is fine art of lying, not fine art of flying

I blame it on my previous company for “sharpening” my skills of telling lies through my teeth. My first lies was when I was in the marketing department, lying to the customers saying that the management is still considering their applications even though I knew that it has been rejected outright.… Click to read the rest

Jelly Fish & Livers 0 (0)

Somehow I had to post the picture of the noodles that I had for lunch last week…it had fish balls, liver and jelly fish. It was a bit sweet despite looking spicy. Don’t forget to try them the next you are around in Bangkok.

How many items you can identify from the photo?Click to read the rest

Roaming Bangkok 0 (0)

[Warning: picture intense post]

The question on Friday night was “how to spend the weekend”. Good thing about Bangkok is that the local newspaper has some pointers for us to consider

We were working on Saturday so we had the Sunday free for roaming around town. Chatuchak was already in our itinerary for Sunday but we wanted to see other things too.… Click to read the rest

Heavy Rain and Irish Bar 0 (0)

If you were asking what is the connection here, I would say “cold weather”.

The rain came early and left early yesterday much to our relief, so our walk back to the hotel was a “dry” one. The atmosphere was quite cold though. So, with the air-conditioner in the office set to the max, it was like working in the Arctics.… Click to read the rest

It’s Rainy Season! 0 (0)

It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Bangkok for the last 2 days.

The rain showed it’s "light side" on the day I arrived in Bangkok couple days ago but yesterday it showed the darker side of it. It started raining from 5.00 pm and it continued by the time we "ran" to the hotel at 9.00… Click to read the rest

Cracked Laptop Casing 0 (0)

There is nothing more distressing than having a crack on the laptop casing in a land far, far away from office.

I was at customer site when I realized there was a crack at the joint – something I did not noticed earlier when I picked up the laptop from the office couple days ago.… Click to read the rest

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