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How do they do it?

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These days I just love Fridays…

Not because it is the last working day for the week (ya, actually I thrilled on this too but that is not the main reason) but rather because it means one thing for me tonight – it is time to watch the “How Do They Do It” show over the Discovery Channel.

An introduction at Discovery Channel site on the show was good enough to get yourself curious:-

Ever wondered how the stripes get into toothpaste or how contact lenses are made? How do goods get from one country to another and then into our supermarkets? What are car tires made from, and exactly why are plasma TV screens flat?

Every day – often without even realizing it – we come into contact with technology, be it in the bathroom, in the car or on the golf course. Here, we take a step back, look at some of the everyday objects around us and ask: How Do They Do It?

Over the last 2 weeks, the show showed how they do plasma TVs (now I am seriously thinking of buying one), running shoes, printer cartridge, fireworks (now I know “Black Cat” in the fireworks that I have played is actually a company name) and many more. Many are mind bobbling, others are simply engineering wonders. Sometimes, I even wonder how they thought of all things and translate it into real things.

Some of the items that I am looking forward to watch in coming episodes are:-



Golf balls (I have opened up a golf ball once)

Mobile Phones



Baggage Handling

Motorcycle Helmets




In addition to this program, there is a website called “How Stuff Works” – this too is packed with good information on how ordinary things work.

You will be amazed on what you can learn and then brag about it during beer drinking sessions with your friends.

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5 thoughts on “How do they do it?”

  1. interesting will catch it – i kinda like rides – the sema show cars – gorgeous – everything else is during tamil serials or middle of the night hummmmm

  2. I like rides too but unfortunately most of it is about turning an old car. I rather see them turning some new cars….at least from the 70’s…not 40’s

  3. but i love old cars so its kinda nice to watch – they occasionally build a car from scratch – oh caught the prog – was nice but im left with the question who invented those things ever wondered we know who created what years back but the simplest daily things we use today we have no idea who created them?

  4. Haha…that’s right! I always think of the genius who thought of the simple things that we use today. Sometimes the solution is just too simple πŸ˜€

  5. cheh…i thot it would be looking forward to my FF! lol πŸ˜›

    wat time is this lar? must b between 8 n 10pm right? coz that’s the time i have choir practice thus miss everything in between. πŸ™

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