3 years and counting…

(Still one of my favorite shot of my son and this is second time I am posting it in my blog)

This was posted last year and I will make it short this year.

That’s right – today is my 3rd year wedding anniversary. Over the last 3 years, me and my wife had our ups and downs but managed to keep it going. We have our usual “husband-wife” fights but it does not last long after someone says “sorry”. There is rarely any trace of it the next day. Raising one very hyperactive son (and getting more hyper everyday) is a tough job but we are doing it just fine although we were quite lost in the first year.

We will be moving to the new house this year and that will be a major event in our married life (normal requirements – car, house and kids).

Happy anniversary – here’s to 97 (and more) anniversaries to go…

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