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Doing Art on Pillow

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was feeling a bit drowsy.

It has been sometime since I had this afternoon naps. Often I get my son to sleep and then spend the rest of the day, playing computer games and watching TV. One of the reasons I don’t sleep in the afternoon these days is because I tend to get all lazy when I wake up (often resulting in last minute cancellation of appointments).

Last weekend was a bit different. There were no appointments later in the evening, so sleeping in the afternoon was not a problem. As I was climbing on my bed for a quick slumber, my son showed up at the bedroom door with the favorite blanket and a thumb inside his mouth. Ha, that was the sign that he wanted to sleep as well. I carried him to the bed, adjusted the pillows and got him to sleep. Within minutes, he dozed off and seeing that he was comfortably sleeping, I set the alarm and dozed off as well.

I must have slept for a good 2 hours when I suddenly woke. I checked on my son and realised that he was wide awake and was busy with the long pillow. He had a pen on his hands and was busy drawing circles on it. He was too busy with his “art work” that he did not realize that he was being watched. I quietly grabbed hold of my camera, set it to manual, switched off the flash and took this picture.

After several shots, only then he realised that his Daddy been watching him and getting down the “evidences” as well. He got up and immediately launched an “attack” on me, whilst quietly throwing away his pen. But it was too late – got the shot that I wanted although it is a bit blur (I had to move a bit as he was aiming for the camera).

My wife checked on the “damage” on the pillow but it was nothing much. Of course, my son got the compulsory “no, it is not right to draw on the pillow” talk from my wife (he did not look that serious which means he will do it again).

Ha, things that children do when they are very quiet. Tag: Danesh

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2 thoughts on “Doing Art on Pillow”

  1. so cute!!! especially that cheeky look he had on when u ‘caught’ him. you know kids are up to something when they are 2 things : 1. too quiet or 2. TOO hysterically happy. happened to aunt one day. her two grandkids were playing so happily, laughing n giggling away n she was so happy coz they were playing ‘nicely’ n no one was trying to tear out the others hair so she popped out to see what they were laughing at. i think she was not prepared to she her grandkids whacking the life out of her newly bought potted plant with a feather dust. hancur berkecai like belacan! LOL gawd, it was so funny then but it really broke my aunt’s heart coz it was a NEW plant. poor thing! still worth a laugh or 2 in any case. 😀

  2. Yvy – that’s right. Me and my wife will start looking for my son when he is really quiet because we know he will be up to something (just like your aunt’s grandkids). Haha

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