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Firefox Day

For those who been using Firefox, you would have known about this by now but anyway for those who don’t, here is the deal from Firefox:-

Introduce a friend to Firefox and if he/she downloads it by 15th September 2006, both of your names will be listed on the Firefox Friends Wall and in Firefox 2.

With the improvements made on Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 (it’s not perfect yet – the security features sometimes is a big headache to use), I guess it was only a matter of time before Firefox release is revamped and updated to meet IE7 head-on. Some of the improvements noted in Firefox 2 are listed here and here. Firefox 2 is still being tested before it is released to the public – further changes maybe queued in the final release (keeping the fingers crossed).

On the onset, the changes made to Firefox 2 seems like were made to meet the enhancements already made in IE7. So, for those of you who are expecting something drastic may be a little disappointed. Of course, being an open source that it is, we can always find a catchy theme to dress up Firefox to look flashier than the dull looking IE7.

Read the FAQs on the WorldFirefoxDay here and go ahead to signup. After all, if it is not for Firefox, we would not have seen Microsoft hard at work to improve the IE6 (in fact, there were 13 reasons to use Firefox instead of IE6). Tag: Internet

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