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You know that somewhere out there, the nation is bleeding money, time and valuable resources just because some people want to be smart and impose their moral values on others. It is made worse when they do it blatantly at the expense of the public – all in the name of “I know what’s best for you”.

You read the stories like this in the newspapers frequently these days and are left bewildered how certain fools were made to be “Yang Berhormat”.

I am not a fan of Siti Nurhaliza and am not taking any heed on the commotions of her wedding to Datuk K but just as I suspected, some politicians just had to come along and literally kick themselves in the backside by making some nonsense statements.

From The Star today:-

The love affair between songbird Siti Nurhaliza and businessman Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa became a topic of discussion at the State Assembly meeting here yesterday. Datuk Ishak Ismail (BN-Lenggeng) condemned the live telecast of the couple’s engagement by a private television station.

After reading about MPs arguing on the cost of roti canai in the Parliament, this did not come as a big surprise to me. After all, Siti Nurhaliza is bigger news than the trivial roti canai. It was ok until I read this sick statement from the so-called Datuk:-

“This is a case of a popular singer marrying a man who divorced his wife to tie the knot with a young woman and the event was telecast live. “What are our morals? Even the marriages of children of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or ministers have never been shown live,” he said.

Let me ask you, Ishak Ismail – what’s the “big” issue here if the couple’s engagement was indeed telecasted live? Their story has been pasted on the front page of the newspapers for weeks now and no one made much noise. So, which part of your body is “itching” for cheap publicity? Is it an issue that is so pressing for you to bring it up in the State Assembly and make a big hoo-haa about it?

Take a long look of yourself in mirror and see whether you are even qualified to talk on others in the first place? What is the level of your moral barometer?

The problem is (and likely to continue in the future) that some of the elected politicians are so dry on topics to discuss that they revert to lower than “coffee shop talk” standards, arguing on trivial things and wasting time & money on the public’s expense.

There are always other important issues that they can talk about but unfortunately, some are not as smart as we wish them to be.

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