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One step closer to shifting

Just to inform you that this is not the light that I bought for my house (Picture source:

It seems like buying a house is a lot easier than decorating and renovating the house.

I keep saying that there is not much time left and there’s plenty of things to do but when I look back at what we have done todate, things are not as bad as we thought it was. Shifting of minor things (for some, this is known as “ikan bilis” things) using my car has been progressing well. For each trip, we are transporting about 10 – 30 kilograms of household things ranging from my son’s toys, kitchen utensils, old clothes, books, plastic ware, etc (wear and tear of my car suspension need to be dealt with on some other time).

Once we make the final move; we only need to transport the heavy stuff like cabinets, bed and big electrical items. It should be easier for us guys to transport the big stuff without the hassle of the small things getting in our way. I have booked a lorry for the final move, so that thing is off my checklist of items to do for now.

Last week, 3 major things got done – purchase of new fridge, lightings and things for gardening.


As the salesman at the electrical store said to me as he was trying to sell me 54 inch HDTV – “Going to new house, must have new things”. In my case, I had no choice. The old one door fridge had simple outlived its capacity – too many things to store into very little places and it is not as cold as it used to be (ice creams simple melts away fast). It was time for a new fridge and having a larger kitchen was a blessing in disguise. After vetting through several models (I was scanning the prices whilst my wife was scanning the ‘looks”), we settled down on a 470 liters Sharp brand that featured Plasmacluster technology (at that time, I did not what it is but it sounded so high tech) selling for RM1,799 which included free transport and additional (to manufacturer’s warranty) 1 year warranty. Oh yes, my wife got a free Milux brand blender that came with the purchase, so she was very happy.


3 hours wandering in lighting shop and still were unable to make up our minds as what type to buy. We need additional lights for the dining area (important), stairway, kitchen and first floor family area. As temporary basis, I have hooked up cheaper Philips bulbs but although it was ugly (with wires hanging out), it was functional. After 3 hours, we finally made our choice and decided to purchase them. Surprisingly all the purchases came with a 50 – 70% discount from the prices displayed. Although we were not sure whether the so-called discounts were real or not (some lighting shops seems to have a perpetual promotions), we were happy nonetheless – we saved a lot and got the right lights too. Total cost for the 4 lights (with everything included): RM300. Then a quick rush to the new house and after spending another 3 hours, we managed to fix them all (drilling into hard concrete took some time – luckily we had enough drill heads).


This is my pet project for the new house. Looking at the barren land in my house courtyard, I decided to have a mini garden comprising of carpet grass and smooth white pebbles. Luckily for me, my office mate has done a similar garden at his new house, so he was available to help me with mine. We took a trip to the nursery to pick the carpet grass and other materials. The grass was selling for RM3 per cut – so based on the size of my garden, I took 12 cuts. Added 2 bags of sand, a large stand for a pot, medium size pot and a flower plant, we were done. Total cost: RM63. We came back and started laying the carpet grass. It does not look so smooth now and we expect it to take about a month before it is well grown and level up.

For the pebbles, we found good ones at a hardware shop opposite the Giant hypermarket in Puchong. White large ones with colorful small ones made good combination. It was priced about RM23 – RM25 per 20 – 25 kilogram. We bought about 3 bags in total (1 for the white large and 2 for the small colorful ones). I will update the photos once the grass has set in (will do a separate post on this).

Target for this complete shifting of small things by Thursday, sorting out and rearranging them will be done on Thursday & Friday night and main shifting to be done on Saturday morning. With Nuzul Quran falling on Tuesday and I am taking leave on Monday, it would not been more perfect than having a 4 straight days for settling down at the new place (mental note – need to sent out notices for change of address before end of the month).

4 days more to go and counting… Tag: House

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