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Neighbourhood 101: Creepy Strange Noises At Night

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This is indeed creepy but having to move to a new neighbourhood allows one to hear strange noises especially at night. Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

The first night we moved in, the night was full of cricket sound.

Although it was not a strange noise, hearing cricket in a well-developed housing area was however rare. We welcomed the sound though – it reminded on the sound we used to listen when we visit some of our relatives in a distant village back in Tanjung Malim.

The night seems more relaxed and serene. Considering that we were some of the first to occupy the houses in the neighbourhood, there was no traffic whatsoever and every night there is always a good breeze of air – we often pull our garden chairs and sit outside for a chat.

Then some of my neighbours started to move in as well. The cricket sound was still there but now added with the noise of a couple of dogs barking. Thankfully the neighbour that has the noisy dogs is a good 10 houses away from my house so the barking is heard in the “distance”. However, I felt pity for their immediate neighbours though, having to put up with the constant barking day and night.

Once in a while, I would hear the sound of a baby crying but having my son shouting and crying at night made us almost immune to the baby crying sound.

But this morning, I heard the strangest sound I have ever heard after moving in here – the sound of a rooster crowing. First I dismissed it as noises coming from my sleepy head but after several times listening to it, it was confirmed that it was a sound of a rooster crowing and it was coming from the outside.

Don’t tell that some of the neighbours are rearing chickens as well. Damn!

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