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Tech News 101: Free & New Windows XP Theme

windows xp theme

Although I have been using Linux at home since last week, I still have to use Windows XP at the office and because of that, I tend to be on the lookout for good Windows theme to brighten up my desktop.

Some time ago, I found one good Windows Vista theme for the XP but since it was using a demo theme manager Window Blinds (evaluation period valid for 2 months), it was not meant to be a permanent change. Besides, it was bit loading on the performance of the system (some slowness of the system was experienced) and as such, I took it off after the evaluation period had lapsed.

Then recently I was reading on an article at Windows X’s Shrine and noted that Microsoft have launched Zune dot net and they have included a “new” Windows XP theme which changes the green “Start” button into orange and gives some Vista feel on the background. It is known as Zune Desktop Theme. To be fair, this theme is not something new but was actually modified from an existing theme called “Royale Noir” but it is a welcome change nonetheless.

So, forget about having a 3rd party theme manager or worry about the evaluation period, this theme is legally valid and can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website. Installation is a breeze (probably takes a couple of seconds to install) and the best part is there is no sign of any degrading of the system performance – after all, it is from Microsoft themselves.

By the way, the orange button looks cooler than the boring green current button, don’t you think?

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