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Blogging 101: Flashback Of Blogging in Year 2006

flashback blogging

What a year it has been!

There is only a couple of days for 2006 to have a grand closure and 2007 to leap into action. As many of the blogs and newspapers would be doing at this point of the year, I thought it will be best to flashback some of the posts that was blogged in 2006 – month by month basis:-

(Note: if you may not be able to view some of the images from the old posts because it is hosted under Blogger which had a major shakeup recently)

January 2006

  • Due to questions asked by my family members, I finally came out with a FAQ for the blog (yes, some of it is now redundant but is still relevant).
  • I made war with queue jumpers and continued to do it on a daily basis these days.
  • I became a “reporter” when a fire broke out in my neighbourhood (a true blue blogger wearing shorts and armed with a digital camera).
  • The old “BJ Thoughts” blog at Blogger got reviewed – it was an eye-opening and thanks to the review, I made drastic changes.
  • Pak Lah announced the formation of an independent body to monitor and receive complaints of police misconduct – an announcement that was hailed with open arms but has remained as an announcement to this date.

February 2006

  • I discovered “something” in my camera – there was indeed minor manual settings hidden in the menus!
  • My camera caught the world’s tallest Lord Murugan statue!
  • I did a post on car polish – my current weekend exercise workout
  • I went to Bangkok on an assignment and immediately fell in love with the city and its people

March 2006

  • The fuel price went up by 30 cents and immediately everything else went up 10 – 30 cents
  • Malaysia shortlisted the list of astronauts for the space holiday – the circus to space got better
  • I talked about my school times in a meme – sure brings back old memories
  • With everything went up, talked about doing a budget – the tightening of the belt had started
  • Got pissed off with EON Bank and opened a current account with Maybank
  • I made war with Tamil drama serials and was fully committed to the warfare. Serial drama have been virtually “wiped” from my TV at home a couple of months later

April 2006

  • Migrated from Blogspot to WordPress
  • After all that prayers, a queue jumper finally paid the price
  • I hated the abuse of the word “Bumiputera” – it is just another word for “easy money” and “greed”.
  • My son got used to the barber near my house – he does not cry anymore
  • Great company dinner cum company trip at Genting the best dinner so far with beer, wine, liquor and Chinese tea as its main course.
  • Hindu beliefs were being exterminated silently – 100-year-old temples were being demolished fast and high

May 2006

  • Bashed court drama in Tamil movie – we Indians can be very silly most times
  • I was back in Bangkok – wished to be here longer
  • BJ Thoughts turned One – time sure flies fast
  • The Exorcist was in the room – that was scary
  • Everyone lies and for politicians, it is almost like…ah, you know like what. So, I did a post on the art of lying based on a “sifu” that I have known all these years
  • I saw the best designed Proton Waja on-road – Proton in an Evo skin!

June 2006

  • My car got towed for the first time in Taiping
  • My son celebrated his second birthday twice!
  • Recalled how we used to have our dinners – what a nostalgia!

July 2006

  • The World Cup ended and all “bets” were off
  • My new house was completed with CF – moving to our own house after 32 years!
  • The haze was back! Malaysian government turned soft
  • UPM students turned rowdy
  • Malaysian politicians defended mainstream media and attacked the blogs
  • Problems using the ATM – sickening when trying to withdraw salary

August 2006

  • Bakri Musa gave hard cold facts of Ketuanan Melayu
  • Squirrel running loose in the office and created havoc
  • THR Raaga started their morning show at 6.00 am with the dynamic duo
  • Started drinking chlorophyll as the first step to make healthy food
  • The post that brought the most traffic (and comments) – pictures of Kumaresan so-called secret wedding
  • My car had its first accident in 3 years and it broke my heart
  • Although not using but Blogger went Beta and improved a lot
  • Talked about my favourite Tamil Comedy – still a classic to this day
  • Celebrated 3rd wedding anniversary quietly
  • In view of high fuel price, looked at ways to reduce fuel consumption
  • Asked the point of still celebrating Merdeka after the Malaysia politicians keep harping on racial issues

September 2006

  • Started a new photo blog at WordPress
  • Malaysian astronauts were going to do teh tarik in space and the whole matter stunk
  • Held the house warming prayers before moving in
  • Inspired my cousin to be a blogger as well
  • Talked about my past dwellings and how we had “evolved”

October 2006

  • Saying sorry became a big issue
  • Lodged a complaint to Astro on how unsecured their web pages are
  • We made the BIG move to the new house
  • Started to work on the garden at the new house
  • Celebrated the first Deepavali in the new house
  • I was full “swing-ed” to Linux! – but it did not stay for long

November 2006

  • Changed to a better XP theme – provided by Microsoft themselves
  • Solved the internet connection problem on Linux
  • The big issue on Bangsa Malaysia – once again from UMNO morons
  • Changed the tires after 3 years
  • Taliban making inland in Malaysia
  • Foreigner confirming what we Malaysia been thinking all this time – Malaysia Bodoh
  • My cousin got married – with a potential disaster

December 2006

Blogging, at the same time, has helped to improve my command of the language and expression. It has also helped me to participate in several special projects at the office – the main being involved in the creation of a portal for customers and internal staff (understanding HTML were very useful here).

I can’t wait to see what 2007 will bring in…Pak Lah and his entire cabinet, overwhelmed with guilt resigns?

Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Flashback Of Blogging in Year 2006”

  1. Yes Din…I read it. 60% is very good oredi!

    I did not do any new resolution for 2006. So, with the 4 days off from tomorrow, probably I need to sit down and think on the resolution. It will be a good match to do with Flashback 2007 post end of next year…haha (blogger mentality)

  2. Nice flashback – i already did mine at the beginning of the month though i normally dont

    lol never realised u blogged on the ku*maresan story n never expected such comments – i remember every other post though

    happy new year 😉

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