Star Wars 1977: The Force is Strong with This One

star wars

(Star Wars: New Hope – probably the greatest movie that came out to capture everyone’s imagination and left a deep impression of their life. Picture source: IMDB)

In a galaxy far, far away…

The Star Movie channel over Astro been showing all the movies in the Star Wars trilogy and last Sunday was the screening of Episode IV (Episodes V & VI will be shown in this week and thereafter). This is not the first time I am watching all the 6 movies – I probably have watched Episode IV about 20 times (or more!) and the rest between 10 – 15 times – ya, I am one crazy Star Wars fan. But despite that, it still feels exciting whenever I see on screen a Jedi fights with a light saber or R2D2 arguing with C3PO – the “Force” has made a strong impact on many of us.

The first Star Wars movie (Episode IV) came out in 1977 at the time when I was just 4 years old – too young to understand what the “Force” means.

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