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January 2007



My son had a slight bump on his head last week.

He must have been playing with his kiddy chair when he fell down. My wife was busy in the kitchen and when she heard the cry, she rushed to him. There was a little bump at the back of the head and after applying some ice, the swelling went down and my son was back playing with his toys.… [Click to read the rest] “Power-less”

National Security 101: Part 2 – Do I Look Stupid To You?

(Picture source:

My earlier encounter is here

My Gmail inbox always get emails from people who purportedly have come across or in custody a large sum of money which they need assistance to bring out from the country. The other type is the email informing you that you have just won a big sum in a lottery.… [Click to read the rest] “National Security 101: Part 2 – Do I Look Stupid To You?”