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National Security 101: Part 2 – Do I Look Stupid To You?

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My earlier encounter is here

My Gmail inbox always get emails from people who purportedly have come across or in custody a large sum of money which they need assistance to bring out from the country. The other type is the email informing you that you have just won a big sum in a lottery. Most of the time, my Gmail will just push out such emails to spam folder and that takes most of my headache away.

But they keep coming…jamming up my inbox

So, I decided to respond to them – not in the sense of putting up harsh words like what I did in the past but rather respond in the form of having an interest in the scheme (false interest that is). Lead them in wild goose chase but at the same time, keep the interest up for them to keep responding to the email. I might as well have some entertainment whilst I am at it.

So, I did…with the following responses:-

1. I have been traveling to and out Burkina Faso on a regular basis. I know someone in the BOA and might be interested if my portion is increased to 50% (to be shared with my contacts in BOA). Email me if you are still interested (the guy only “offered” me 30% profit)

2. Great! How soon I can get the money? (And every time I get reply, I repeat my earlier reply – the return response has stopped)

3. I already gave the details to your colleague by the name of Sally Wonders when I visited her yesterday. She took down your IP address as well and your contact details as well. I saw them checking something with Yahoo office. Is everything alright? But I was assured that I get my 10% soon enough once they have checked on you. Maybe they will call you. Have a good day (After I noticed the guy who suppose to be from a reputable lottery organizer is using yahoo email to notify “winners” of the prize money)

4. Is this the same Sahead who I met at Lagos in 1975? How are you friend? I see that you have managed to work in the bank like what you used to tell me. I have couple of contacts in ADB and in the Customs as well and I might get them to help you out. But to do that, I need to more than 30% share if you know I mean, right? How is your wife, Salle? Is she still working for her father’s company? Send my regards to her. I will be Burkina Faso next week and perhaps we can go for our usual beer drinking and catch up on time (Sahead claims that he is a high ranking officer in ADB Bank)

5. I just arrived in Burkina-Faso – where can we meet? (And then in a later email) I must have gotten your email late – I was in Burkina for a day. I am now in Ghana to open my 2 factories. Tell me about the deal again and let me see whether I can get my contacts to handle the proposal.

6. How are you? Just to make sure that I am talking to the right person – can I have your Bank of Africa’s IIN number? (I do not know what IIN means – I just made it up)

7. I know John who died in the crash. Where shall we meet? I don’t think it safe to speak over the phone – my phone has been tapped (Ha, this is the latest email – same story but names and locations have changed)

Most of the time, I don’t get a return response because as I suspect, the people on the other end rather do their convincing over the phone instead of writing emails. But one or two do make return response and that is where the fun starts and creativity juice starts flowing. Tag: Internet

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3 thoughts on “National Security 101: Part 2 – Do I Look Stupid To You?”

  1. Visi / Ammu – haha yes, I usually delete them but once in a while, when I need some kind of distraction from work and in dire need of a 5 min break, I head to the “spam” section and start responding.

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